Desktop Publishing

InterSol, Inc. uses the appropriate technologies to separate text from code, so our translators work with text only. Translated text is then reconstructed with the code to match the formats of original files. This is the step of our process where Desktop Publishing Specialists go to work adjusting formats and ensuring that the target language files match the structure of the original files. Since text translated from English usually expands by about 30% in the target languages, this process requires knowledge, creativity and close attention to detail. Desktop Publishing Specialists also ensure that components such as trademarks, units of measure, decimal notation and such comply with the requirements of the target locales.

Services we provide:

  • Formatting of text
  • Layour design
  • Template design/optimization
  • Conversion of graphic files
  • Adaptation of graphics to fit expanded text
  • Localization readiness check
  • Font technology consulting
  • XML formats
and more...
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