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Decades of experience

We bring to the project our excellent linguistic and engineering skills. Our website localization team includes web designers whose job is to “look inside” the web page to ensure that the localized website functions like the original.


Why InterSol?

A properly localized website offers content specific to a region, country or language. It must be successfully adapted to the cultural characteristics of the target locale (market segment). The InterSol team of Web Localizers include translators who are native speakers of the language and imbued in the local culture and expert web designers. They ensure that your website will be be relevant and compelling to your targeted audience.


Benefits of a localized website

Competitive edge: A site that offers localized content is more likely to attract and retain a larger share of the international market.
Local presence: A "brick and mortar" presence is financially out of reach for many small- and medium-sized businesses, but with a localized website, any business can do business everywhere.
Customer loyalty: A localized website builds customer loyalty by demonstrating a commitment to the local market.


Our localization package includes

  • Translation of the contents of your website by qualified translators working in their mother tongue.
  • Localization of graphics with embedded text
  • Development and maintenance of terminology databases to enhance translation quality and reduce maintenance cost

Localization options

Complete Localization: A mirror of your current site in the language or languages of your choice. The result is a bilingual or multilingual replica of your website.

  • Partial Localization: This approach is recommended if you find that some pages are more applicable to some international markets than others.
  • Multilingual Mini-Site: A summary of your site. Recommended for clients who want to test the response they would receive from an international audience.

Translation Memory


Translation Memory tools assist translators and production specialists.

Computer aided translation tools parse source language text from html, php, asp, xml, flash, java and other code. The resulting text segments are sent to translators, so they do not have to deal with web design codes.The translations they generate are stored in databases so they may be reused in the future on similar web content or pages. As an added bonus, TM improves consistency of terminology within and across product documentation, accelerates project completion, and reduces the overall cost of translation by never translating the same text twice.

If you are trying to decide which languages will bring the highest return, keep in mind that German is the second most used language on the internet. Also you may be interested in this article.

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