Professional translation

Two decades of experience

With two decades of experience in the field, ¬†InterSol has developed teams of project managers, translators, editors, quality assurance experts, and production specialists who are committed to bringing to successful completion projects that meet clients’ expectations for quality, on-time delivery, and budgets.


Dedicated professional staff

Every project is assigned to an expert and dedicated project manager. Linguists with native-speaking ability in the target languages are selected for their linguistic skills and field of specialization. They are evaluated and approved prior to inclusion in our database of translation suppliers.



Customized, repeatable processes ensure quality. A customized Translation Memory (TM) for each client and/or project maximizes leverage and reduces costs and turnaround time while enhancing quality. If requested, we manage our Clients reviews by branch office personnel or third parties.


Attention to quality

We have a quality system in place and continually review our processes to ensure that we meet client expectations for accuracy, speed and price. All staff members have been trained in the ISO 9001-compliant quality system and follow our Quality Manual, Standard Operating Procedures, and Work Instructions in the performance of project-related activities.



Production specialists work to documented processes and create target documents that are a mirror-image of the source file. Formats supported include, but are not limited to: Microsoft Office, Adobe FrameMaker, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, QuarkXPress, Word, as well as HTML, XML. We work on both PC and Mac platforms.

Translation Memory

Translation Memory tools assist translators and production specialists.

Computer aided translation tools parse source language text from complex formats, such as FrameMaker or XML files and  store it as segments (sentences, paragraphs, or phrases and headings, titles, or elements in a list). These segments are sent as text to translators, so they do not have to deal with complex code or desktop publishing formats. The translations they generate are stored in databases so they may be reused in the future on similar documents or software. As an added bonus, TM improves consistency of terminology within and across product documentation, accelerates project completion, and reduces the overall cost of translation by never translating the same text twice.

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